Fly little birdie, my little angel

Soar to the skies, wink at the stars

Scoop up the rainbow, swing on the clouds

Behold the celestial, revere the divine

Gold from the sun, adorn your tiara

Silver from the moon, shimmer your jewels                                

 Fly little birdie, my little angel

The world is your meadow, find your greens

Nurture your blooms, paint colours of spring

Sow your seeds, sprinkle nectar of life

Weave strong nests, come hail or sleet

Rouse the world, with melody sweet

Fly little birdie, my little angel

Scale new heights, surpass  your zenith

Unravel the magic, in your land of dreams

Endear all hearts,  bring cheer & laugh

Sprout hope & courage, spread love & warmth

The birds & bees, hum paeans to your lore

Fly little birdie, my little angel

As the sun goes down, I look up the skies

To gaze at the posse, hope to catch your eye

Leading the flock,  spanning horizons beyond

My nest is your harbour, this is your anchor

Love for you my heart beholds

Prayers for you my palms enfold

(c) Anita Desai, August 2012



A crimson rosebud in the herbs,

Greeted by the morning sun,

Unfurled a blossom in my garden!

 A burst of blush in the greens,

Velveteen dewy petals,

Like pearl drops on rubies!

Jewel of the queens,

Dazzling the bees of the greens,

Swaying in the gentle breeze!

 With your fragrance you beckon,

Your beauty is to reckon,

Gazing at you their hearts quicken!

Cheering the dusky eve,

Soothing the tired,

Reaching out to the divine!

O’ blossom in my garden,

You are my pride, my dear,

You are my eden!

(c) Anita Desai, August 2012