I am an alumni of the University of Delhi. An administration and human resources professional, I was associated in the past with the Embassy of Israel, and the  UKaid‘s development programs in New Delhi.

On a career break a few years back, scouting between the dilemmas of life, I discovered the joy of writing.

I had been an avid reader in my younger years; comic books and short stories had always been my favorites. But somewhere in the fast pace of life, the little pleasures had been hitherto forgotten. I rediscovered the mysteries hidden in books which were a world unto their own. One bright sunny day, noticing an offensive cartoon in a popular newspaper, I wrote a letter-to-the-editor which was published verbatim in the next day’s edition.

It was an epiphanic moment that marked my first ginger steps into the magical world of writing.

Writing was therapeutic and I had found a new unexplored path in life. Short stories, novels, poems, essays, articles, blogging – there was so much to read; and so much to write. The journey has been an adventure and a discovery, of bonding with myself and sharing my thoughts with this magical world.

My short story “The Domestic Maid‘ was featured on an online literary community ‘New Asian Writing’ on International Women’s Day, March 2014.                             http://www.new-asian-writing.com/the-domestic-maid-by-anita-desai/

A short love story, ‘Epileptic’ has been published by Nivasini Publishers in their 2015 anthology of prose & poetry, ‘Celebrating India – Love Without Borders’. http://www.amazon.in/Celebrating-India-Love-without-borders/dp/8192900231

My inspirational poem, ‘Navnirman’ was published by Authorspress Publishers in their 2017 anthology ‘Ek Sehar Ummeed Bhari’. https://www.amazon.in/Sehar-Ummid-Neelam-Saxena-Chandra/dp/9352075064

I share my opinions on social/political causes of human interest on ‘saddahaq.com’, a social journalism platform.

Daughter of Late Mrs. Parvathi B.Shanker, a government employee who was associated with the MTNL for over 24 years, and Late Mr. K. Bhavani Shanker, a banker with the Syndicate Bank. I dedicate all my achievements and accomplishments to my parents.

My husband is an IT professional and I have a beautiful daughter, an engineering student.

Thank you for reading my blog. I will be happy to hear your thoughts about my writing.


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