Clouds thunder & showers

Dot my sky

Rains drizzle

Then halt, and ponder

Glabrous terra, Lakes athirst

Ebbing brooks

Yet the soil moist

Who concours its deluge

They wonder


A solitary mortal

Whose tears flood the plains

Praying hands

Beseeching eyes

Cries of atonement

Rent the air

For it is him, and

His like that pillaged

The terrene

Clouds thunder & showers

Dot my sky

& mull, To absolve bless or

Let it suffer in dearth

Razed cliffs, Beheaded stumps

A lull in buzz n chirps

Bleak contours of the sphere

Harden their will to abjure

Its thunder

No more a promise of lush, but

A cry of bereavement.

(c) Anita Desai May 2016.


Author: Anita Desai

I am an alumni of the University of Delhi. An administration and human resources professional, I was associated in the past with Embassy of Israel and with the UKaid's development programs n New Delhi. An emerging writer, poet, blogger, with interests in reading/writing short stories, I discovered my flair for writing during a career break. My short story "The Domestic Maid' features on an online literary community 'New Asian Writing'. 'Epileptic', a short love story, has been published by Nivasini Publishers in their 2015 anthology, 'Celebrating India - Love Without Borders'. My Hindi poem 'Navnirman' has been shortlisted or publishing in 2017 in two anthologies by Authorspress and Nivasini Publishers. I share my opinions on social/political causes of human interest on 'saddahaq.com', a social journalism platform.

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